Episode 7: Rummmmmmmmble

Whoops! This episode of The Wood was supposed to get posted last week but somehow was lost in the pile of content that is created at the House of Mouth.
Our team of brow-beaten and malnourished interns went to work though, digging through the bits and shits and were able to bring this to you. Now sleep lackies. Sleep.

Episode 7 features all the rumbles of the week in the Association!
Smashmouth basketball is making a comeback, thanks be to the ghost of Anthony Mason!
We talk about KD and Donatel…er, Russel Westbrook going dome piece to dome piece, Frankie Smokes and Jusuf Nurkic starting and international incident and The Meanest Leanest Enes throwing shade on Brony!


All that shit talk and the NBA-Hole of the week on this lost episode of Hardwood.