Episode 8: The Ocho

We talk about last week’s Knick’s slide back to mediocrity, capping the plunge by loosing to the SHITTIEST team in the League (we’re looking at your Chicaga).
Meanwhile the Dubs are looking frustrated in the gym.
Shaun Livingston got the party started by getting physical (not in the fun way)with Courtney Kirkland (which can TOTALLY be a guys name too) and earned himself a suspension, while the next day KD went at it with Motherfucking Boogie Cousins (which is usually a monumentally poor choice).

Cupcake…You sure about this?

Is it the refs not taking shit? Is it the rest of the Association playing prison ball? Are the Dubs softer than baby shit?

We also try to grasp how shitty the environment had to be in The Land for Kyrie to leave a potential championship dynasty.