Episode 5: No One Defies Me

In our very special Easter Episode, Ant (with the help of kolonpin) muscles the ship from the banks of the Sadcast.
We talk about the general uselessness of holidays, especially Easter, and the joyful tidings of the once proudly celebrated “Whiskey Eve.”

Those eggs are full of piss
Those eggs are full of piss

Then they boys have 3 and 4 platefuls at the Back in the Day Buffet and rehash some old school tales of sabotagery/douchebagery and spend just enough time talking about more of Jay’s questionable fashion decisions in the early 90s.

rat tail
An approximation of Jay’s WICKED SWEET rat tail circa 1991

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Episode 4: Why Does it Have to be Rubber?

Be advised Icoñoclasts, this big bastard comes in at just about 2 hours.
We take a look at the internet’s bullshit list of top 10 conspiracy theories, shitty 32 year old punk singers still bitching about their dads and sexually deviant Star Trek replicator owners.
Also, this guy is a total piece of shit.

Just the worst person...The worst goddamned person.
Just the worst person…The worst goddamned person.

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Episode 3: Carn-Evil

Klaus Kinski is a real asshole!
Jay is sad because his movie is ONCE AGAIN falling apart, which brings up the inevitable comparison to Kevin Smith, the state of independent film and The Darkest of all Carnivals.

Revisit these classic internet clips for maximum laughing times:

Episode 2: The Sexcellence of Sexecution

The boys talk wrasslin’ and Bret Hart’s sweet pink wrap-around sunglasses, plus Ant catches Jay up on the last 25 years.
We also talk about the Censored 11, the gift of woods porn and one of our favorite films, The Room.

Episode 1: The One You’ll Skip

Episode 1: The one you’ll skip.

Anthony’s origin story, getting shitcanned from Avatar and drinking heavy.  Is Ed Gein truly more necrophile than serial killer?
Jay had an identity crisis in 1992.

This episode brought to you by Jnco Jeans