Episode 9: Belladonna’s Bitch Fist

Icoñoclasts rejoice as the luchas are back in the seats with a new episode.
2016 continues to be the year of the reaper, however the requiem for the His Royal Badness is lost to idiocy…but rest assured, one of us is devastated.
We talk about The Suicide Squad and how it’s the latest hallmark for how shitty the movie industry is.

It's true, this man has no pores
It’s true, this man has no pores

Also, Greys Anatomy is for sociopaths, Jay STILL hates Forest Gump, Deadpool’s inherent likability, mental illness and of course, the robots are coming to get your Barbara.

When will this era of glossy horseshit movies finally pass? Will the human spirit prevail?
All this and more on this week’s I, Coño.

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Episode 8: Leftenant Brigadier General StonieBaloney

This week we swapcast with sister ship podcast, Hard On!
It sounds like at some point Anthony actually cracks a smile while we play such HO games such as “The Fuck You Say?,”  “Would You Rather?” and take a look at this week’s Craig’s List Ad.
Don’t get used to it though, we will return to the ‘2 fake luchadors miserably staring at each other’ show next week!

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Episode 7: Whiskey, Coffee, Tattoos, Beards

Was it fair of Jaga to put the fate of the entire Thundercats species on Cheetara (and other hacky questions), and did that result in the rise of the furry culture?

furryJay is deeply bothered by dumb t-shirts and the consequences of owning them.
We also talk about our celebrity lookalikes and let me tell you, they are a couple of VERY handsome gentlemen.

Your hosts, unmasked.
Your hosts, unmasked.

Anthony took the week to shuffle loose his nerdal coil (of today’s pop culture heroes) and gets back to his roots.

Oh, and hey this is the first week that iTunes has accepted us into their home, so, you know…that’s a thing.

You can now find I, Cono wherever quality podcasts are downloaded, as can you find our sister podcast, Hard On

Episode 6: Turbo Can of Garbage

With Anthony down with the plague, in the name of consistency we’re forced to release a podcast that was recorded before I, Cono was a thing (you’ll notice the sweeeet audio quality). We talk about the days of yore when you’d have to make an effort to be a nerd, the rise of 90s counter culture and the goddamn Virtual-Boy (the game system, not the sex toy).
And the honest work and earnest effort that goes into making a bad movie.

Seizure generator, chick magnet
Seizure generator, chick magnet

We’ll be back next week with some fresh goodness once Ant’s black pus filled armpit boils dry up…or hes passed from this world.