Episode 13: Hell Shelter

This week Ant conned his wife to guest on the podcast (and she’s great), though it’s weird to have someone who’s not a fat nerd in the room…
We talk about the Samurai Cop, shitty 9/11 video games and talk about Muammar Gaddafi’s big time crush on Condi Rice.


haters gon hate, then stab my butthole with a rusty blade.
haters gon hate, then stab my butthole with a rusty blade.

Also, the sad, Amstel light, diabetic reality of Eyes Wide Shut.

Floor 2-4 of the Best Western.
Floor 2-4 of the Best Western.

All that and more this week on I, Coño.
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Episode 12: The Pinch Hitter

We returned from a week off with a special episode with Guest Shawn Barnes of fellow Trenchmouth podcast Hard On. Jay went on a long and ill-advised rant about the state of Independent filmmaking in the greater Capital Region, art vs. commerce, the idiot filmmaker illiterati of Reddit and so on. Shawn and Anthony were funny and quick witted.
Then the card shit it’s pants and the podcast was lost.
Rather than subject you, the Iconoclasts, to another week without a podcast, Jay sat down with a special Guest to discuss the horror of air travel, apocalyptic storms and try to determine how Bill Cosby will kill himself.
We’ll be back this weekend with our regularly scheduled program. Until then, I give you Episode 12: The Pinch Hitter.

This Man OOOOOZES Sex.
This Man OOOOOZES Sex.

Episode 11: Booyah

In this episode we say goodbye to the Safehouse, home to Trenchmouth Productions since 2009.

Shuttering up the Safehouse
Shuttering up the Safehouse

We also talk in depth about the mechanics, the genesis and the emotional responsibility of the Dildo Spider (and debut a clip from Death Before Discomfort).
Anthony also reminisces about our last movie and becoming impaired for art sake in a movie that “wasn’t really that bad.”
And the dark sinister rage factory that is the Duplass Brothers production companycreep-mark-duplass-horror

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Episode 10: Ork Problems

It’s our 10th Episode and National Table Top Gaming Day.
The Lucha’s celebrate the latter in this appropriately themed episode, where Official Dungeon Master Anthony schools Jay in the ways of D&D and LARPing.

This is a real thing.

We talk the politics and power structures of these games where the turkey legs are large and lyme disease is a real concern.

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